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A breif history of me

I was born in Pensacola, FL USA. I got to see a lot of different places growing up as my father was in the Navy. We lived in California, Alaska, Florida and Okinawa Japan. I enjoyed my three years in Japan and hope to go back and visit one day.

After graduating high school I went on to Pensacola Junior College to get an general Associates of Arts. I then transferred to University of West Florida where I was a part of the joint program with University of Florida. I received two bachelors' degrees from UF, one in computer engineering and one in electrical engineering. I graduated from UF in December of 2004 and have been a contributing member of working society ever since.

I now work in Fort Walton Beach, FL as a Digital design engineer. I primarily specialize in digital design with FPGAs but I do a little bit of everything.

I have a wide variety of interests in life. Electronics and robotics are for the most part what I spend my spare time doing. I have built several robots and been involved with many electronics projects over the years.

And Here I am

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