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Feeling Blue


Feeling blue is was my first endeavor into line following robots. It was designed to be an experimentation platform to try out PIC microcontrollers and the QRD1114 IR sensors. Nothing much else to say really.

Chassis and Propulsion

The robots chassis is the round chassis from Pololu. The motors are a Tamiya Dual Motor Gearbox with Tamiya Truck Tires.

Line Sensors

The robot uses five QRD1114 IR emitter/IR Photo transistors to detect the line. The sensors have a fairly limited range so they have to be placed very close to the ground. The output of the sensors are combined to get the position of the line.

Robot Brain

The robot is driven by a PIC16F876A @ 20MHZ. The micro monitors all the sensors and takes the appropriate action when a sensor is triggered. The algorithm is pretty basic as I never really finished the code. The is no PID loop or anything fancy like that. The speed of the motors is set from a table based on where the line is that is it.

Feeling Blue Data Sheet

Robot class Line Follower
Size 5.1 in(W) x 6.9 in(L) x 2.75 in(H)
Weight 325 grams
Frame Pololu round chassis and protoboard
CPU Microchip PIC16F876A
Assembly written in the MPLAB IDE
Power 4.8V from a four cell Nicd battery pack.
Motors Tamiya Dual Motor Gearbox.
Motor driver L293 driven by microprocessor
Speed Control Software generated Pulse Width Modulation.
Drive System 2WD using two motors
Tires 1.5" Tamiya Truck Tires
Sensors Five QRD1114 IR line sensors.

Feeling Blue code and schematics

I never created a schematic for this robot as it was point to point wired from the datasheets of the parts used.

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