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Etchant Tank


Chemicals used in the PCB etching are caustic and will stain anything that they come into contact with. I am providing the information as an example of how a tank can be constructed. I have been using this tank for over 4 years with no leaks or problems. If you build one, you are doing so at your own risk. So, don't expect me to be held responsible if you destroy anything with a poorly built tank.


As my electronics skills grew I needed a way to create circuit cards. Doing SMT devices on Radio Shack proto-boards can only get you so far. So I decided to venture into the world of PCB etching. This tank holds about 1.5 liters of etchant at a time. I have only every use Sodium Persulfate in it as ferric chloride is a little to caustic for me. All of the components were either purchased at Wal-Mart or the local pet shop. Total cost for the project as less then $50. I know I know why not just buy a tub and use that. The engineer in me has a hard time with such brute force solutions

Tank in action

The tank is constructed of 5 pieces of Plexiglas welded together with Metylene Chloride then the points were covered with a healthy dose of silicon to prevent leaks. The agitator does a good job of stirring up bubbles.

Not a good position

This is what the tank looks like from the top. In the picture there was only water in the tank. If there had been anything else this would have been a bad position to be in.

Tank in action

Here is a dimensioned drawing showing how big the tank is and what size all the pieces need to be.

System Hookup

The agitator and heater hook-ups.

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